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Vent System Project OÜ was founded in 2006.

The goal of our company is a good climate and comfort in the premises of people. We achieve this goal by providing services for the design, installation and maintenance of climate control equipment: air conditioners of all types, ventilation and heating equipment, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, ventilation systems, filtration and cleaning systems.

We also provide turnkey solutions for insulation: thermal insulation, insulation of cooling systems, fire insulation, noise insulation, insulation of boilers and tanks.
Our company is a well-coordinated team of professionals with extensive experience in implementing projects of any complexity: air conditioning, ventilation, heating and insulation in the premises of factories, laboratories, schools, hospitals.

We carry out the design and installation of pneumatic caving systems for bulk materials in industrial bunkers based on air cannons ISTA-3 and ISTA-4: shale energy, flour mills, cement plants, sawmills, etc.
Our specialists have undergone appropriate training and are constantly improving their qualifications, as a result of which you receive qualified assistance throughout the cooperation, from the initial consultation and selection of equipment to qualified installation and subsequent maintenance of both domestic and industrial ventilation and insulation systems.

Our clients include large commercial and state structures, chain stores. All services provided are confirmed by certificates and licenses.

We are the exclusive representatives of Klimaoprema in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

For your convenience, we offer a full range of services to create comfortable conditions in your premises. By advising, we provide reliable information and help you choose the right equipment.
We provide a guarantee for all equipment and installation.




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We are experts in

OÜ Vent System Project offers services for the development of project documentation and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Extensive experience in the field of energy efficiency is actively used in the design. Our company specializes in the development of engineering systems for rooms for the following purposes:

  • Design documentation for ventilation:
  • Manufacturing enterprises;
  • Shopping, office and business centers;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Educational institutions, schools, institutes, universities;
  • Sports facilities, playpens, pools;
  • Medical facilities.

Reliable ventilation systems
OÜ Vent System Project specializes in the design of reliable and highly energy-efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems. We have been working since 2018 and have extensive experience in performing work in the field of energy efficiency, design of engineering systems, energy inspection. The company employs highly qualified design engineers and energy auditors who quickly develop projects in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, which guarantees the passage of any approvals.

  • Reliable ventilation systems require less maintenance and are more durable.
  • High energy efficiency of ventilation systems reduces energy costs during the operation of buildings.

Together with the IPEC partner company, we are engaged in thermal destruction plants for the processing and pyrolysis of organic waste:

  • oil sludge, hydrocarbon and salt-based drill cuttings
  • used drilling fluids
  • contaminated soils
  • oil emulsions
  • used oils
  • solid fractions in the composition of MSW (polyethylene, plastic)
  • worn tires and rubber products
  • motherboard and computer boards

As a result of pyrolysis, valuable raw materials are formed: boiler fuel, pyrolysis gas, heat, as well as carbon black, which can be used in the production of fuel briquettes, or certified commercial technical soil (depending on the raw material).

The use of pyrolysis plants manufactured by IPEC is relevant in various industries. So, the UTD installation is indispensable for operation in remote fields for the purpose of oil sludge processing, due to the difficulties with waste disposal in territories of geographical remoteness and high fines from the regulatory environmental authorities.

Enterprises that regularly generate waste such as used oils, used tires and rubber products (RTI) can significantly reduce the cost of waste disposal and make a profit by selling or using useful components resulting from processing.

Our company is engaged in the production of ventilation ducts and filters. The production uses equipment from the best manufacturers, such as: Firmac, Sente and etc.

We sell ventilation units and ventilation equipment, such as:

  • control valves
  • filters
  • hatches for cleaning
  • fire damper
  • smoke exhaust valve
  • anemostats accessories casals
  • Сav and Vav Valve

Our company is also the exclusive representative of Klimaoprem in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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